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M & N.A TRADING CO LTD may be regarded as one of the youngest companies in the local marine business, but the brands it represents are amongst the vanguards of the local market, and well established within the international marine world.

In 1994, Elan Yachts of Slovenia started featuring prominently on the international marine world, and around the same time, M & N.A Trading Co Ltd introduced the brand in Malta where Elan rapidly gained the respect and trust of the local yachtsmen to the extent that its numbers became evidently notable on the Maltese marinas. Elan Sailing Yachts are the brainchild of the world famous designer Rob Humphreys. These yachts strive to have only the best equipment and materials on board. The strict German Lloyds and R.I.N.A standards proof why Elan and we are partners.

During early 2019 a world-leading yacht brand namely Discovery Group which features Discovery Yachts, Southerly Yachts, Bluewater Yachts and Britannia Yachts reached an agreement with M & N. A Marine to represent their brands.

Discovery Yachts
Established in the late 1990’s by OStar competitor and Sun Sail yacht charter company founder, John Charnley together with his wife Caroline, to design the definitive shorthanded cruising displacement sailing yacht. The original and now iconic Discovery 55, still turns heads in every new port she enters around the world, with production now approaching 20 years, this graceful lady is still for many the ideal distance cruising yacht. Discovery Yachts now produces a range stretching from 42 to 74 feet, built to the same high quality impeccable standard and precision, Discovery has been known for worldwide.

Southerly Yachts
Since the mid 70’s, Southerlys have been sailing the world’s oceans and proving the versatility of the variable draft Swing Keel design. Now, with over 900 Southerlys built, the brand has become internationally recognised as the market leader for variable draft cruising yachts. Innovative design, powerful sailing performance, superior build quality and luxurious accommodation are all hallmarks of the Southerly range.

Bluewater Yachts
Blue Water Yachts was established initially as part of Discovery Yachts, but now has developed into its own unique brand of blue water cruising catamarans. The first in the range being the Bluewater 50, a beautifully styled elegant catamaran with performance to match. Her capacious interior offers a level of luxury that can only be found in monohull yachts over 70 feet.

We enjoy an admirable business relationship with Elan Yachts & Discovery Group to continue increasing the presence of their yachts. 

M & N.A Trading Co Ltd maintains an excellent after sales service which is reputed as the seaworthiness of the two eminent brands they represent.

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Innovations in boatbuilding since 1949

Elan’s boatbuilding tradition began in1949 with kayaks, canoes and small boat production made of waterproof wood. Early commercial success came in the 1950s when a large number of small crafts were exported to the United States. The sixties heralded the dawn of reinforced polyester, a revolutionary material that Elan used for racing kayaks and boats.

The following decade the yard launched the first sailboats and the most successful small vessel selling 10,000 units in the following years.